Are there any contracts, hidden fees, etc? There are no contracts here at HawkHost or hidden fee's. You can pay month-to-month and cancel... Are you owned by or affiliated with EIG? Hawk Host is a privately held Canadian company. We have no official affiliation with EIG or any... Can Hawk Host host international domains? We can host any TLD that's currently supported by ICANN. We run a clustered DNS setup in... Can I run Magento on your servers? Yes, all our servers meet the software requirements for Magento E-Commerce software. Can I run a vbulletin forum on your servers? All of our servers support the requirements for the latest vBulletin releases. Can I use ImageMagick? By default we have ImageMagick installed on all of our servers. When it asks for the path, use... Can you help me transfer from my old host? All shared, reseller, and semi-dedicated hosting accounts include free transfer and migration... Do You Have a Service Level Agreement? We absolutely do have a service level agreement (SLA). You can find it at... Do you allow adult websites / content? Yes we allow adult content as long as they meet the following conditions: 1) Legal in the... Do you have a file to test the download speed? We have speedtests available for all locations on our network page located here You can also... Do you offer SSH access? All of our accounts come with SSH access enabled by default. If you're unable to connect, or... Do you offer advanced DDOS protected hosting? We offer Advanced DDOS Protection as a paid upgrade on all cloud web hosting, semi-dedicated, and... Do you offer domain registration? Hawk Host offers domain name registration and domain transfer services for over 200 different... Do you setup accounts on the weekends? Accounts are setup 24/7/365 regardless of what day of the week it is! For security purposes all... Do you support Ruby on Rails? Yes we support Ruby On Rails and you can install and utilize many different versions of Ruby and... Do your reseller hosting plans include a WHMCS license? Customers who purchase a Silver or Platinum reseller plan are eligible to receive a free WHMCS... Does Hawk Host support IPv6 addresses? At this time we do not support IPv6 addresses for any of our services (shared, reseller, VPS, or... Does Litespeed Support GZIP Compression? Yes, Litespeed is capable of utilizing GZIP compression to help speed up your site. Does Litespeed Support mod_rewrite? Yes, Litespeed is fully compatible with Apache's mod_rewrite module. General Data Protection Regulation What is GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal framework that sets... How big is Hawk Host? Hawk Host is a midsize webhosting company, responsible for hosting more than 250,000 domains... How do I clear my shopping cart from the website? If you need to clear your shopping cart of all previous products or services that you've added... How long does it take to setup my account? For security purposes all orders made at Hawk Host are manually verified for fraud. Typically... How long have you been in business? And can you tell me a little ... You can find information about our company on the following pages: Past:... Is there any email send limitation per hour? We currently allow for a maximum of 500 emails to be sent per hour on all of our hosting... What are some of the websites you host? We cannot disclose the websites we host without explicit permission from the owner(s), although... What forms of payment do you accept? We currently accept all of the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, and American... What is your backup policy? We currently utilize Acronis backup software with a 7 day rolling snapshot of everything on your... What operating system are your servers running? We currently run the latest stable build of CloudLinux. At this time we don't offer Windows... Where are you based out of? Our offices are based out of Ontario, Canada while our servers are located in seven locations... Where is your affiliate program? All information regarding our affiliate program can be located here:... Why does your New York City datacenter report as New Jersey? Our datacenter in New York City is located in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area which is... cPanel License Pricing Structure for Cloud Computes As of September 2019 cPanel has adjusted their pricing structure from a flat fee per license to a...
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