Available Node.js Versions We recommended all Node.js applications are created using our Setup Node.js Application... Available Python Versions We recommended all Python applications are created using our Setup Python Application interface.... Available Ruby Versions We recommended all Ruby applications are created using our Setup Ruby Application interface. If... Default permissions on folders and PHP files. We currently run Litespeed Web Server which runs PHP as the user so files and folders should... Do you support Ruby on Rails? Yes we support Ruby On Rails and you can install and utilize many different versions of Ruby and... Do you support Zend Framework? We fully support Zend Framework on all of our shared, cloud web hosting, semi-dedicated, and... Does Litespeed Support GZIP Compression? Yes, Litespeed is capable of utilizing GZIP compression to help speed up your site. Does Litespeed Support mod_rewrite? Yes, Litespeed is fully compatible with Apache's mod_rewrite module. Does PHP run with safe mode enabled? We currently do not make use of PHP safe_mode. Does your PHP Support Microsoft SQL Server Connections? At this time, our servers do not support Microsoft SQL connections. We recommend utilizing our... How Do I Disable Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Caching Our servers by default do not enable any sort of server based caching of your Cascading Style... How do I change PHP options / directives? You can change PHP configuration values by modifying your .htaccess file and using the php_flag... How do I find PHP Configuration Information? The best way to find the PHP configuration information for the specific server you're on is to... How do I set allow_url_include to On The PHP setting allow_url_include is disabled on all Hawk Host servers and for the protection of... How do I set expose_php to Off? The expose_php setting reveals that PHP is installed on the server, which includes the PHP... How to Create Python Application We support the ability to deploy Python Applications utilizing mod_passenger through our cPanel... How to Create Ruby Application We support the ability to deploy Ruby Applications utilizing mod_passenger through our cPanel... How to Create a Node.JS Application We support the ability to deploy Node.js Applications utilizing mod_passenger through our cPanel... How to Create a Node.JS Application (Legacy Method) This article advises you on how to create a node.js application using a cron jobs and php. This... How to Install Yarn Yarn is an alternative package manager for JavaScript which many prefer over npm. You can easily... How to Run PHP without Timeouts We do not recommend you run PHP without web server timeouts on web requests but instead if you... Installing Pear packages You can install PEAR packages by doing the following: 1) Locate the "PHP Pear... MySQL Syntax error or access violation: 1071 Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes PHP applications during installation or upgrades may state the following MySQL error:... Node.js Set Console Log Location By default there is no console location defined for Node.js applications. You can define one by... PHP Interpreter Locations The PHP interpreter is commonly used in cron jobs to execute php code. php... Trailing Slash Added to Directories All our shared web hosting servers automatically add a trailing slash to all requests to... Using PHP Selector to change your PHP version, modify extensions All shared web hosting, semi-dedicated, and reseller hosting plans have full PHP control through... What is phpMyAdmin? phpMyAdmin is a free software tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of... What is the PHP memory limit? The PHP memory limit on any shared hosting plan is currently limited to 128MB. Where is phpMyAdmin? You can access PHPMyAdmin by selecting the "phpmyadmin" option under the... [ERR_REQUIRE_ESM]: Must use import to load ES Module NodeJS applications that contain MJS scripts cannot be started and may display one of the...
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