How do I setup a catch-all / default e-mail address?

We do not recommend using a catch-all / default e-mail address as doing so may lead to a significant increase in the amount of spam received to your e-mail inbox

A catch-all e-mail address, or default e-mail address, is an e-mail account that is designed to capture and direct all e-mail sent to a non-existent e-mail address under your domain. For example if you have a catch-all/default e-mail configured and someone e-mails [email protected], even if the user [email protected] does not exist, the catch-all/default address will process this e-mail based on your catch-all/default e-mail rules.

To configure a catch-all/default address for your domain:

  1. Login to your hosting accounts cPanel. Once you've logged in use the search to locate the "Default Address" interface:

  2. The default (recommended) setting for this feature is to discard the email with a bounce message of "No Such User Here". If you wish to continue discarding the email, no changes are necessary. You can adjust the bounce message ("No Such User Here") as you desire.

  3. If instead of discarding email you wish to receive e-mail destined for a non-existent address, change the default setting to "Forward to Email Address":

  4. Enter the e-mail address you would like to use as the destination for all mail sent to your domain's non-existent addresses:

  5. Click "Change" to save your changes and complete this process.

Once your changes are saved all e-mail destined to your domain (* will be processed based on the rules setup using the Default Address interface in cPanel.

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