Why is my email bouncing or how do I add SPF or DKIM records?

If your outgoing email is bouncing it could be due to invalid or missing SPF & DKIM records on your domain name. What these records do is verify the authenticity of the domain you're sending from so your email is less likely to be flagged as spam or untrusted by the receiving mail server. To enable SPF and DKIM records on your domain name:

    1. Login to your accounts cPanel at 

    2. Use the search bar to locate the Email Deliverability interface:

    3. Locate the domain name that requires SPF and DKIM records and then click the Manage button to the right of the domain:

    4. If your domain name has invalid or missing records cPanel will recommend the suggest records to install. Click the "Install the Suggested Record" button to install the records for your domain:

    5. If the records are installed correctly the status should change to Valid from the same interface:

    If you're still experiencing issues with the mail being delivered please raise a ticket with our support team through Please include as much information as possible. Some helpful information is the address you're sending from, address you're sending to, a copy of the email address, email headers, and the exact bounce back message.

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