Removing Stored Credit Card Payment Methods

When a payment is made for an invoice using a credit/debit card our system will automatically add this credit/debit to your profile for future invoices. If you do not wish to store your payment method on file you will need to manually remove the card from your client area profile:

  1. Login to your client area at https://my.hawkhost.com/clientarea.php

  2. Once you have logged in click "Hello, Your Name" from your top right menu navigation and then click "Payment Methods". Alternatively you can click the URL https://my.hawkhost.com/account/paymentmethods and it will take you to the right interface:

  3. When viewing your Payment Method interface you will see all currently stored payment methods for your account. To delete a payment method click the "Delete" button to the right of the card(s) you wish to remove:

  4. The card(s) will be removed from your profile and become unusable for any future automatic renewals. You will be required to manually pay your renewal invoices now that your payment methods have been removed.
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