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When a domain name expires, you will be unable to make any modifications to the domain name. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Transferring the domain to a new registrar or owner
  • Obtaining your domains EPP code, unlocking the domain, or modifying ID protection
  • Changing your domains nameservers or contact details (Admin, Billing, Technical)

Once a domain name expires, it will go into a renewal grace period for 16-30 days (depends on the TLD) after the expiration date. During this period the domain name can be renewed/restored for the regular renewal rate for the given TLD. After the renewal grace period the domain name enters a redemption period.

A domain name will remain in the redemption period for 30 days (this varies slightly by TLD). While in the redemption period, a domain name can be restored from the registrars database for a one time fee of $70.00 USD (this fee also renews the domain for one year).

Should the domain name not be redeemed, it will eventually enter a pending deletion period which lasts for 5 days. At this point the domain cannot be restored and will be deleted from the registrars database at the end of 5 days. Once the domain is deleted it will once again be available for registration through any supporting registrar.

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