How big is Hawk Host?

Hawk Host is a midsize webhosting company, responsible for hosting more than 250,000 domains worldwide. We have thousands of clients from every region of the globe, and have shown sustained and repeated growth each year since we first started hosting sites in 2004. Our services include shared, reseller, semi-dedicated and VPS hosting.

There are currently 20 employees at Hawk Host, each one dedicated to ensuring customers receive the highest quality service possible.

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Are there any contracts, hidden fees, etc?

There are no contracts here at HawkHost or hidden fee's. You can pay month-to-month and cancel...

Are you owned by or affiliated with EIG?

Hawk Host is a privately held Canadian company. We have no official affiliation with EIG or any...

Can Hawk Host host international domains?

We can host any TLD that's currently supported by ICANN. We run a clustered DNS setup in...

Can I run a vbulletin forum on your servers?

All of our servers support the requirements for the latest vBulletin releases.

Can I run Magento on your servers?

Yes, all our servers meet the software requirements for Magento E-Commerce software.