Why was my order flagged as fraud, refunded, or rejected? Drucken

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All orders are processed through a fraud check system which verifies a number of details before the order is accepted. Because of this your order can be marked as fraud and payment refunded if some of the details do not match. Some common reasons you may be marked as fraud:

    • The IP address you placed the order from does not match the address you entered on your profile. For example your IP is from the Canada but your address is from another country
    • You ordered through a VPN/proxy
    • The payment details do not match the information provided on your client profile
    • Your domain is suspected to be in violation of our TOS/AUP
    • The domain you're using on your account is registered under different information than is provided on your account profile

If your order matches one or more of the above criteria the order may be marked as fraud and your payment will be automatically refunded. If you feel your order was marked as fraud by mistake, please contact our billing department by emailing [email protected] and we'll be happy to investigate the issue and provide a more thorough explanation.

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