"Please wait while your request is being verified..." message sho...

Our cloud web hosting, semi-dedicated, and reseller web hosting plans utilize Imunify360 WAF (web application firewall) in front of your websites. This protection is enabled by default and includes multiple features meant to protect your website from malware, malicious traffic, bad actors, and much more.

If an IP address is detected as potentially malicious or was found performing activity which triggers the Imunify360 WAF visitors from that IP will be shown the following message temporarily before being redirected to your website:

"Please wait while your request is being verified..."

This message indicates the Imunify360 WAF is ensuring the traffic & request are legitimate before allowing it to hit your website.

If you would like to disable this protection so this message is never shown to visitors on your website please open a ticket through so our helpdesk team can whitelist your domain(s) through the Imunify360 WAF.

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