DirectAdmin License Pricing Structure for Cloud Computes Print

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Hawk Host currently offers the following three license types for DirectAdmin:

DirectAdmin License Type Number of Accounts
Number of Domains
Monthly Price
DirectAdmin Personal Plus 2 20 $5
DirectAdmin Lite 10 50 $15
DirectAdmin Standard Unlimited Unlimited $29

All Hawk Host provides DirectAdmin licenses also include DirectAdmin Pro Pack which contains the following additional enhancements:

  • Python/Java/Ruby/Perl/NodeJS support with the use of Nginx Unit
  • Per-User Redis manager
  • Additional features for Nginx (automatic CMS templates, WordPress+FastCGI cache support)
  • Ability to throttle resources per-user (CPU/RAM/IO etc.)
  • Admin SSL (SSL administration, ability to use cross-user wildcard certs, replace expired certs with Let's Encrypt)
  • More advanced Email Track&Trace, Email Summary
  • Web Terminal
  • GIT manager
  • ClamAV scanner for filesystem scans
  • WordPress manager
  • IMAP sync for Email synchronization

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