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We recommended all Ruby applications are created using our Setup Ruby Application interface. If however you need to run Ruby just as a CLI we offer many versions. The current versions supported and paths are as follows:

  • Ruby 1.8.x - /opt/alt/ruby18/bin/ruby
  • Ruby 1.9.x - /opt/alt/ruby19/bin/ruby
  • Ruby 2.0.x - /opt/alt/ruby20/bin/ruby
  • Ruby 2.1.x - /opt/alt/ruby21/bin/ruby
  • Ruby 2.2.x - /opt/alt/ruby22/bin/ruby
  • Ruby 2.3.x - /opt/alt/ruby23/bin/ruby
  • Ruby 2.4.x - /opt/alt/ruby24/bin/ruby
  • Ruby 2.5.x - /opt/alt/ruby25/bin/ruby
  • Ruby 2.6.x - /opt/alt/ruby26/bin/ruby

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