Can I add more RAM/memory to my hosting account? Print

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RAM/memory upgrades are available on all shared, cloud web hosting, and semi-dedicated hosting services. Any customer with a reseller or cloud compute package will need to contact our sales team for RAM/memory upgrades. Shared, cloud web hosting, and semi-dedicated hosting customers can add memory directly through their client area:

  1. Login to your client area at

  2. Click "Services" from the menu navigation, and from the dropdown select "My Services":

  3. From your "My Products & Services" page there is an "Actions" menu on the middle-left side of the page. Click "View Available Addons":

  4. The "Product Addons" page will have an option labeled "Additional 1GB of RAM/Memory". Select your service from the provided dropdown list and click "Order Now" to proceed to checkout and complete the RAM/Memory upgrade:


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