Cloudflare cPanel Deprecation Notice June 15 2022 Print

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Unfortunately Cloudflare has formally announced the deprecation of their cPanel plugin, as a result of this notice access to the Cloudflare cPanel plugin will be removed from Hawk Host’s cPanel as of June 15 2022. Cloudflare will continue to serve sites originally configured through the cPanel plugin however you will need access to your direct account to continue managing and modifying your DNS zones.

To transition all your existing Cloudflare powered sites from cPanel to Cloudflare directly you can login to your account at The email address and password used will be the same ones used when first enrolling through the cPanel plugin. If you do not have your credentials available the form at offers password reset and account recovery options.

Any issues with accessing your account or importing your sites can be resolved directly with Cloudflare support through Unfortunately Hawk Host support is unable to assist with account access or import issues when transitioning to your direct Cloudflare account.

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