How do I enable and configure DNSSEC on my domains? Print

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All of our shared, cloud web hosting, semi-dedicated, and reseller hosting plans support enabling DNSSEC. To enable DNSSEC on your domains:

  1. Login to cPanel for your hosting account and use the search bar to look for the "Zone Editor" interface:

  2. From the "Zone Editor" interface select the "DNSSEC" button to the right of your domain:

  3. From the "Zone Editor DNSSEC" page click "Create Key":

  4. You will then be met with a popup dialogue window titled "Confirm Create". For most users the default values will be accepted by the registry, but if you do have special requirements use the "Customize" interface. Otherwise, click "Create":

  5. Once you click create you will be redirected to the "DNSSEC Key Details" page which contains all the DNSSEC information necessary to configure DNSSEC on your domain with your registrar:

  6. You will now be able to view these DNSSEC keys at any time through cPanel in the Zone Editor:

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