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We do not place a limit to the number of visitors or amount of traffic your site can handle. The amount of visitors / web traffic your site can support depends on how efficient your site is, if it's properly optimized, and the type of site you're running.

For example, a website that is purely static / HTML with no PHP or database requirements could handle potentially millions of visitors per day. This is because static content served via HTML takes essentially no resources to process and as a result you'd most likely never hit any hosting account resource limits (CPU, disk I/O, PHP processes, etc).

A website that relies heavily on PHP / MySQL which isn't optimized may only be able to handle a few thousand visitors per day. This is because a site which serves content dynamically and relies on using PHP to access a database to serve each request will have more overhead and require more resources for each visitor. This can be avoided by properly optimizing the site, including utilizing caching, tweaking your database queries, and following other best practices for the type of site you're running.

Most bottlenecks for high traffic sites in shared hosting come from the application / website itself and not from a lack of server resources. If you find your site slow or underperforming you can contact our support team and we'll be happy to investigate what may be causing your performance issues.

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