Why are my Weebly pages showing up as blank white and empty?

If you've published your Weebly pages and they're showing up as blank it most likely means your PHP version is incompatible. Our Weebly site builder requires your account use PHP version 5.6 or any 7.X version. Weebly is not compatible with PHP versions 8.X. We recommend using PHP 7.4 for your Weebly based sites.

Please refer to this KB article for detailed instructions on how to change your accounts PHP Version through cPanel. For quick reference you can change your PHP Version in cPanel by:

  1. Login to cPanel for your account.

  2. Use the search tool and locate the "Select PHP Version" interface.

  3. Use the provided dropdown to change your PHP version to at least PHP 5.6 and save your changes:

Now that you're running at least PHP 5.6 your Weebly pages should be loading properly. If you continue to experience issues please submit a ticket to our support department.

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