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cPanel License Pricing Structure for Cloud Computes

As of September 2019 cPanel has adjusted their pricing structure from a flat fee per license to a usage based structure, meaning as a cloud compute customer you are limited to the number of cPanel accounts you can create depending on the license you are using. Hawk Host currently offers the following four license options for cloud compute plans:

cPanel License Type Number of cPanel Accounts Monthly Price
cPanel Admin Cloud 5 $17.00
cPanel Pro Cloud 30 $23.00
cPanel Plus Cloud 50 $33.00
cPanel Premier Cloud 100 $42.00

For example, if you intended on hosting 25 cPanel accounts from your cloud compute, you would require the cPanel Pro Cloud license. If your usage grew and required 31 or more cPanel accounts, you would need to upgrade to the cPanel Plus Cloud license.

If your needs exceed more than 100 total cPanel accounts please contact our sales team and we can provide pricing for the right license based on your growth and future needs.

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