How do I point my affiliate URL to specific pages on the Hawk Hos...

It is possible to send your referred traffic through your affiliate URL to a specific page on our site. To accomplish this you will need to:
  1. Login to your client area and visit https://my.hawkhost.com/affiliates.php to obtain your affiliate URL and affiliate ID. For example you should see a URL like https://my.hawkhost.com/aff.php?aff=XXXX

  2. Locate the page on https://www.hawkhost.com you'd like visitors to land on. For example we'll use https://www.hawkhost.com/shared-web-hosting

  3. Take your affiliate URL and append '&page=shared-web-hosting' to the end. The final URL would look like: https://my.hawkhost.com/aff.php?id=XXXX&page=shared-web-hosting -- in this example you need to make sure you replace XXXX with your affiliate ID.

  4. This method can be used to link to any page on our website. All you need to do is copy the page name and add it to your affiliate URL as shown in the above example. Some common pages can be found below, again you need to replace XXXX with your affiliate ID:
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