Enabling SpamExperts through cPanel

SpamExperts is an enterprise level email filtering solution that is included for free with all shared, reseller, and semi-dedicated hosting plans. If you'd like to utilize our incoming email filtering on your account, you can do so through cPanel. Activation takes less than 5 minutes, at which point all of your incoming mail will be passed through our filtering/detection systems. By default, all outgoing email is filtered through our systems. As a result no action is necessary on your behalf to utilize outgoing filtering. To enable SpamExperts incoming filtering:

  1. Login to cPanel for your account.

  2. Once you've logged in to cPanel use the search bar to look for the "Professional Spam Filter" and click on the link:

  3. Under the Professional Spam Filter interface, click the link titled "Login". This will activate and configure SpamExperts on your hosting account:

  4. You will then be redirected to your SpamExerts user interface. From here you can configure your settings, search for filtered mail/spam, create whitelists and blacklists, and much more. We suggest spending 10-15 minutes familiarizing yourself with the user interface/control panel.

Please note that the default settings we create when you activate SpamExperts will address nearly all of the common requirements for most users. You're not required to do any further configuration or modification unless you deem it necessary for your domain(s)/setup. Should you experience any issues activating SpamExperts, or if you're unsure about a specific feature or setting, our support team would be happy to help. Please submit a ticket at for further assistance.

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