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How do I disable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for cPanel?

If you've lost your hardware device previously used to configure cPanel Two-Factor Authentication please refer to this KB article on how to disable 2FA.

If you still have access to your hardware device and still wish to disable Two-Factor Authentication for cPanel please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to cPanel for your account and use the search bar to locate the 'Two-Factor Authentication' interface. Click the 'Two-Factor Authentication' icon that appears.

  2. You will see an icon titled 'Remove Two-Factor Authentication'. Click this button.

  3. You will be asked 'Are you sure you want to remove two-factor authentication from your account?'. If you wish to proceed click 'Remove'.

  4. You will be prompted to enter the current 6 digit 2FA code from your hardware device. Enter the code and click 'Proceed'.

  5. Two-Factor Authentication will now be disabled on your cPanel account.
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