How do I enable the WordPress CLI (wp-cli) on my hosting account? Print

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You can install the WordPress CLI (wp-cli) on any hosting plan by following these instructions:
  1. Connect to your hosting plan via SSH

  2. Once connected run the following command in your SSH terminal: curl -O

  3. The phar file needs to be executable so we'll chmod it by typing: chmod +x wp-cli.phar

  4. Now that the wp-cli is installed we'll modify your .bashrc file to respect the wp command. To do this, type the following in your SSH terminal: alias wp='~/wp-cli.phar'

  5. Next type the following command in your terminal: echo "alias wp='~/wp-cli.phar'" >> .bashrc

  6. Lastly we'll use the source command to make sure bash initializes properly: source .bashrc
You should now be able to change to your active Wordpress installation directory and use the wp command.

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