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Our client area ( supports two-factor authentication to secure your account with more than just a password. When 2FA is enabled you would not only need your account password to login but a second form of authentication in the form of a time based token generated by a hardware device (generally a cell phone or tablet) which you control. To enable 2FA on your client area account:

  1. Download and install a supported Two-Factor Authentication app for your phone/tablet. We recommend Authy however any of the following will work:

    Google Authenticator (Android, iOS and Blackberry)
    Duo Mobile (Android and iOS)
    Authenticator (Windows Phone)
    Authy (Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone)

  2. Login to your client area at

  3. Once you've logged in click 'Hello, Your Name' from the top right navigation and then click 'Security Settings' from the dropdown

  4. From the 'Security Settings' interface click 'Click here to enable' under 'Two-Factor Authentication'

  5. Scan the provided QR code or enter the code manually into your hardware devices two-factor authentication app and click 'Confirm'

  6. Enter the 6 digit code provided by your two-factor authentication app and verify the device

  7. Be sure to save the 'Backup Code' you're provided in a safe/secure location. This code will be used in the event your two-factor device is not available

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