Changing IPS Tag on a domain name registered with Hawk Host

For instructions on transferring a .UK domain name to Hawk Host, please refer to this KB article: Transferring .UK domain to Hawk Host

Transferring a .UK domain name away from Hawk Host to a new registrar will require changing your domain names IPS Tag. Your new domain registrar (company you are transferring the domain to) will need to provide you with their IPS Tag to complete this process. To change a .UK domain names IPS tag through your client area:

  1. Login to your client area at

  2. Once logged in select "Domains" then "My Domains" from the main menu navigation:

  3. From the "My Domains" ( page click the green "Active" button to the right of the domain name you are transferring / modifying the IPS Tag:

  4. After clicking the green "Active" button you will be redirected to your domain name's management page. Under the left side "Manage" menu navigation click the "Release Domain" link:

  5. Enter your new domain name registrars IPS Tag in the "New Registrar Tag" field and then click "Release Domain" to complete the process:

  6. The domain should be released to your new registrar within 24 hours. Your new registrar will be able to provide you further details on the status of the transfer/release once the IPS Tag is updated.
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