Windows and macOS Traceroute Instructions Print

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To perform a traceroute using Windows:

  1. Use your mouse to click the Windows Start Menu icon on the bottom left of your taskbar, or use your keyboard and press the Windows key (found in between left Ctrl and Alt).

  2. With the Windows Start Menu open type the word: command

  3. Windows search will display an app called Command Prompt. Click the app to open a Command Prompt window:

  4. A small black box will appear on your screen:

  5. Inside the Command Prompt app box type the command: tracert (Replace with your domain name). Hit enter to start the traceroute.

  6. The traceroute will continue until it reaches your domain. When the traceroute is completed the Command Prompt app box will display the message "Trace complete.".

  7. Once the traceroute completes use your mouse to right click inside the Command Prompt app box and choose "Select All":

  8. Your Command Prompt app box will turn white. At this point hit Enter (Return) on your keyboard to copy the traceroutes to your clipboard.

  9. Now that the traceroute is copied you can paste the output (ctrl+v or right click from your mouse) into your ticket/email for our support team.

To perform a traceroute using macOS:

  1. Using your systems "Finder" utility, click the "Go" menu and then select "Utilities" from the provided dropdown: