Creating, Reverting, or Destroying Cloud Compute Snapshots

To utilize cloud compute snapshots you must first purchase the feature. Please refer to this KB article for a guide on how to purchase and enable snapshots for your cloud compute. 

To create, revert, or delete a cloud compute snapshot:

  1. Login to your client area at

  2. Once you've logged in use the main menu navigation to select "Services" and then "My Services":

  3. Click the green "Active" button to the right of the listed compute service you will be using with snapshots:

  4. From the compute control panel select the "Snapshots" link:

  5. There will be three options available to you. Take Snapshot, Revert, and Delete:

    Take Snapshot: Use the "Take Snapshot" option to create a point in time complete snapshot of your compute. This will be a full and complete snapshot of your entire compute and all its settings as it exists when the snapshot is created.

    Revert: The "Revert" option is used when you wish to roll back your compute to a previous date/snapshot. This will replace the existing compute with the contents/settings of the compute from the time and date the snapshot was created. This will overwrite the existing compute with the full contents of the selected snapshot. Be careful when reverting as this process is not reversible. It is recommended you take a manual backup of any important data, websites, files, or other settings from the compute before completing a revert. 

    Delete: The "Delete" option will permanently delete the snapshot. Use this option if a snapshot is no longer needed, or you need to create a newer snapshot and do not have any additional purchased snapshot slots available.
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