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EasyApache is a utility built into cPanel/WHM to help recompile your PHP/Apache configuration. It is most often used to compile in new extensions/modules, upgrade versions, or modify your server configuration files. While EasyApache can be accessed through CLI (/scripts/easyapache/) for purposes of this tutorial we'll be using the web based GUI. To access EasyApache in WHM:

  1. Login to WHM on your compute using the information provided in your "New Cloud Compute Information" email. WHM can be accessed at (replace with your compute IP)

  2. Once you've logged into WHM use the top left search bar to find "EasyApache 4". Click the search Easy Apache 4 link:

    1. Next to the "Currently Installed Packages" line click the "Customize" button:

    2. WHM will guide you through the following steps to configure your Apache version, mode, PHP version(s), PHP extension(s), custom software, and a finally build configuration.

    3. Once you have gone through the configuration tutorial you can complete the build process which can take up to 30 minutes depending on the number of changes being made to the EA4 profile and available resources (RAM and CPU) on your cloud compute.

    You can also refer to the official cPanel/WHM documentation on Easy Apache 4 at

    If you encounter any issues completing a rebuild of your Apache profile please open a ticket at with your error(s) and our team will investigate further.

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