How to Block Amazon AWS Traffic Print

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Inside the Hawk Host cPanel, you can block individual IPs and ranges using our IP blocker interface. However, depending on the number of IPs, this may be time-consuming. Amazon AWS keeps a range of IPs at, which we can parse to allow easier blocking.

The following commands can be performed on your account using SSH/Terminal.

List of IP ranges

curl -sf | jq -r '.prefixes[].ip_prefix'

List of IP ranges with deny statement for .htaccess

curl -sf | jq -r '.prefixes[].ip_prefix' | awk '{print "deny from " $0}'

You can also append this directly to your .htaccess file

curl -sf | jq -r '.prefixes[].ip_prefix' | awk '{print "deny from " $0}' >> .htaccess

Complete Blocking by .htaccess Solution

echo "order allow,deny" >> .htaccess
echo "allow from all" >> .htaccess
curl -sf | jq -r '.prefixes[].ip_prefix' | awk '{print "deny from " $0}' >> .htaccess

Remember that anytime Amazon updates its IP list, your list would now be out of date.


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