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Unfortunately as of cPanel/WHM version 100 they do not support the concept of multiple cPanel users, as a result all cloud web hosting and semi-dedicated hosting plans would have a single cPanel login for the hosting service. It is not possible to create a secondary or less privileged user to provide access to a webmaster or developer. If they require cPanel access your only option is to provide your main cPanel username/password.

Providing a webmaster or developer access to your cPanel hosting account does not give them access to your account's client area/billing portal ( The credentials to access your client area/billing portal are different than your cPanel credentials. If desired you can add your webmaster or developer as a user to your client area/billing portal per our guide at How to Add an Authorized User to your Account.

If your webmaster or developer requires access to your account to upload, download, or modify files one alternative option is to provide them an FTP Account. An FTP Account will allow the developer or webmaster to upload, download, or modify files in any given directory (you control their access) so they can work on your site's files without requiring full cPanel access. Please refer to our guide at How to Create FTP Accounts for instructions on how to create an FTP account specifically for your webmaster or developer.

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