How do I login to my cloud compute using SSH? Print

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All cloud compute plans include full root access via SSH. To connect to your compute using SSH:

1) Download an SSH client. We recommend PuTTY for an easy and free option, but any SSH client/terminal will work. (PuTTY Download)

2) Refer to your "New Cloud Compute Information" for your compute IP and root password.

3) Open up PuTTY or your alternative SSH client and enter your cloud compute IP into the hostname/IP field:

4) Hit enter on your keyboard or press the "Open' button from PuTTY. The SSH connection will be established to your compute. You'll be prompted with a window to accept a certificate. Hit "Yes" as it is safe to accept this certificate:

5) From there you'll be prompted with a black screen asking for a login, then password. Enter root as the login name and enter the root password from your "New Cloud Compute Information" setup email. Keep in mind when you type your password nothing will be showing up - this is normal and it is being entered:

6) Once you've typed in the root username and password, hit enter(return) on your keyboard to complete the login.

If you encounter any issues, please submit a support ticket with our compute support department.

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