Do you setup accounts on the weekends? Accounts are setup 24/7/365 regardless of what day of the week it is! For security purposes all... Does Hawk Host have a VAT number? Hawk Host does not have a VAT number as we do not charge taxes to European clients for our services. How can I take advantage of your 30 day money back guarantee? All shared, semi-dedicated, and reseller hosting services are eligible for our 30 day money back... How do I add a credit card to my account? If you need to change your payment method to credit card or wish to setup a recurring payment,... How do I cancel a PayPal subscription? After following the cancellation procedures outlined here  you can manually cancel the... How do I cancel my service(s)? We hate to see people leave, however we understand your hosting needs may change over time. To... How do I pay with a credit/debit card through PayPal? If your credit/debit card is not accepted by our billing system directly you can use PayPal to... How do I point my affiliate URL to specific pages on the Hawk Hos... It is possible to send your referred traffic through your affiliate URL to a specific page on our... How do I receive a payout from my affiliate account earnings? Hawk Host offers an affiliate program through our website at How do I renew my hosting account? All hosting plans are automatically renewed unless a cancellation request is submitted through... How do I upgrade / downgrade my service? You can upgrade/downgrade your shared, reseller, or semi-dedicated hosting service at any time by... How do I upgrade my cloud compute bandwidth? Cloud compute services can complete bandwidth only upgrades directly through the client area. We... How do I upgrade my cloud compute? Cloud compute upgrades cannot be reverted or downgraded. Once your cloud compute upgrade is... How long do I have to pay an invoice? All invoices are generated seven days prior to the invoice due date. You have a seven day grace... Invoice shows "Please Wait..." When Paying with Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP, DOGE) When paying an invoice through cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP, DOGE) you... Removing Stored Credit Card Payment Methods When a payment is made for an invoice using a credit/debit card our system will automatically add... What is the Hawk Host HST number for tax purposes? All Canadian residents are required to pay taxes on all invoices to Hawk Host as we're a Canadian... What is this "Foreign Transaction Fee" charge on my credit card? Hawk Host is based in Canada, so some banks and card issuers may categorize your payments to Hawk... Why aren't your discounts available in Hong Kong or Singapore? Currently the promotions listed on our website are not applicable in our Hong Kong or Singapore... Why is my credit card being declined? There are a number of reasons your credit card may be declined by our billing system. The most... Why was my order flagged as fraud, refunded, or rejected? All orders are processed through a fraud check system which verifies a number of details before...
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