Completing Your Cloud Compute Setup After receiving your Cloud Compute Activated - Complete Your Setup! welcome email, there's just a... Creating, Reverting, or Destroying Cloud Compute Snapshots To utilize cloud compute snapshots you must first purchase the feature. Please refer to this KB... DirectAdmin License Pricing Structure for Cloud Computes Hawk Host currently offers the following three license types for DirectAdmin: DirectAdmin... Enabling MultiPHP on DirectAdmin DirectAdmin supports multiple PHP versions, however MultiPHP support is not enabled by default.... Enabling PHP Extensions with DirectAdmin DirectAdmin will have most commonly used PHP extensions already enabled by default. However, in... How do I add KernelCare to my cloud compute? KernelCare allows you to patch your cloud computes kernel on the fly without requiring a reboot,... How do I add Softaculous to my cloud compute? This specific KB article and addon is only available for cloud compute plans. All shared, cloud... How do I change my VPS hostname? Changing the hostname of your VPS is a very simple process and only takes a few minutes to... How do I change my VPS root password? To change the root password on your cloud compute via SSH: Login to your cloud compute via SSH... How do I create a PTR / rDNS record for my cloud compute IP addre... Cloud compute customers are able to request a custom PTR / rDNS record be used on the IP address... How do I disable APC cache via .htaccess? To disable APC cache via .htaccess, you'll need to complete the following steps: Connect... How do I install KernelCare on my cloud compute? Installing KernelCare requires you to have an active license first. If you need to add KernelCare... How do I login to my cloud compute using SSH? All cloud compute plans include full root access via SSH. To connect to your compute using SSH:... How do I rebuild or format my cloud compute? Rebuilding / reinstalling your compute will completely format the existing compute and remove all... How do I upgrade my cloud compute bandwidth? Cloud compute services can complete bandwidth only upgrades directly through the client area. We... How do I use EasyApache in WHM? EasyApache is a utility built into cPanel/WHM to help recompile your PHP/Apache configuration. It... How to install Softaculous on your cloud compute with DirectAdmin This article assumes your cloud compute already has an existing DirectAdmin license with the... How to install Softaculous on your cloud compute with cPanel/WHM This article assumes your cloud compute already has an existing cPanel/WHM license with the... Installing and Enabling PHP Extensions in DirectAdmin Any PHP packages available can be installed and enabled on any... PuTTY Download You can download PuTTy here: Purchasing Snapshot Backups for Cloud Computes We currently offer snapshots of cloud computes in our Los Angeles USA and Hong Kong locations.... RPM won't work / dbpath error If you receive error(s) similar to these you will likely need to re-create /dev/urandom as it's... What virtualization does Hawk Host use for cloud computes? Hawk Host's cloud compute plans ( utilize KVM as a... Which operating systems / distributions are available for a VPS o... We currently support the follow OS distributions for cloud computes: AlmaLinux CentOS 7.X,... Which virtualization software do you use? Our cloud computes are KVM based instances, deployed on a Storpool powered cloud. More details...
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