"Your user account is already associated with the target invite account" when accepting a client area invite When adding an authorized user to your client area account, the new user will receive an email... Account transfer or access with death of a customer In order for us to change ownership of an account in the death of a client / account owner we... Can I add more RAM/memory to my hosting account? RAM/memory upgrades are available on all shared, cloud web hosting, and semi-dedicated hosting... Client Area Email Address Verification All customers registered through our client area ( will be... Do you offer domain registration? Hawk Host offers domain name registration and domain transfer services for over 200 different... Domain Registrar and WHOIS Information When you register a domain through Hawk Host, you have the ability to change the nameservers,... How can I register private nameservers? Any domains registered with Hawk Host provide you the ability to register your own custom... How can I reset my cPanel password? cPanel password resets can be completed through your client area. If you are unable to login to... How do I add an authorized user to my account? Adding an authorizer user to your client area account allows you to configure access for multiple... How do I add funds / credit to my account? You can add funds to your account which can be used for new orders, future invoices, or any... How do I cancel / disable renewal for my domain? If you have a domain name registered through Hawk Host and would like to cancel / disable... How do I cancel my service(s)? We hate to see people leave, however we understand your hosting needs may change over time. To... How do I clear my shopping cart from the website? If you need to clear your shopping cart of all previous products or services that you've added... How do I disable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for my client ar... If you need to disable two-factor authentication for your client area and you've lost both your... How do I enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for my client are... Our client area ( supports two-factor authentication to... How do I point my affiliate URL to specific pages on the Hawk Hos... It is possible to send your referred traffic through your affiliate URL to a specific page on our... How do I upgrade / downgrade my service? You can upgrade/downgrade your shared, reseller, or semi-dedicated hosting service at any time by... I've lost my Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) device. How do I acc... If you've previously configured Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for your cPanel account and... My account's ticket history is missing, how do I restore it? Due to a recent software upgrade, existing customers will no longer see their previous ticket... What is my support PIN, and where do I locate it? In order to receive support from our team, you'll be required to provide them with your unique... Where do I find my EPP code? If you're looking to transfer your domain to another registrar, you will need to provide them the... Where is your affiliate program? All information regarding our affiliate program can be located here:...
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